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Neil Baker Photography
Born in 1945, Neil Baker was raised in Newton, Massachusetts. Prior to moving to Southern California in the mid 80s, Baker and his family began spending summer holidays on the Bay at Provincetown’s East End. “Having taken photos for years, I realized that most of my favorites were of this place. With the ever-changing light, and my relative state of calm, I felt pleasantly compelled to take photos here, where the most simple events (a curtain blowing in an open window, a father playing at dawn playing with his children) inspire me. These photos are able to bring me quickly back to these moments, the light, the heaviness of the air, and
even the smells.” Baker recently published his first book, “The Quality of Light” in June, 2007, and will have his next show at the Esmond-Wright Gallery in Provincetown over the weekend of July 4th, 2008.
There is no manipulation whatsoever of my negative prints.  When I look through the lens I know what I hope to capture, and the proofs tell me immediately whether I have succeeded.  Otherwise, no one else sees that print.  The ability to capture these images which I see with my eyes and in mind's eye, and then convey these to others, is the most gratifying part of this effort.  It's like trying to relate an event to someone and calling upon all of your verbal skills to explain what you've witnessed..
Neil Baker Photography
Neil Baker Photography
All prints are available in limited editions with traditional, negative film. The majority of my photos are shot with my 38 year-old Nikon body and manually-operated,
80-200 mm Nikon lens which was purchased in 1970.  I also use a 15 year old Leica M6 with 50 and 135 mm lens for subjects that are closer at hand.

In Provincetown and elsewhere, I search for a "calm" a truth, even if the subject matter is a reflection of our frenetic lifestyle in the 21st century.  Capturing these moments is for me like a soothing breath, one I can feel everytime I re-visit an image.

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